More research – Romance Title design – traditional or edgy?


August 5, 2013 by Mod

Last week’s poll was very enlightening, but it left some questions in my mind, in particular about title design. Romance literature is blossoming these days and breaking into new and interesting sub genres – dark issues ridden New Adult, and suspenseful paranormal erotica are just two sub genres that we are seeing more and more of in the bestseller lists.

So my question about title design is this: are readers looking for darker new looks to go with these edgier genres, or are the traditional romance covers still drawing readers to these titles?

So I thought I’d do another small survey – just two questions. Let’s say you were looking for a sexy book featuring a hot but possibly moody young man. Which of the below covers would appeal to you more?

hotbod-alt copyHOTBODNEWADULT copyhotbod copy

Awesome! Now let’s say you were looking for a dark and dangerous erotic paranormal, possibly about vampires, which of the below covers would draw you in?

vampire1-A copy vampire1-NEWADULT copy vampire1-trad copy

Great! Results of this poll and last week’s will help us improve our services not just not romance writers to but all writers looking for up to the moment cover design.

If you have any further thoughts, anyone who leaves a comment will get $10 their next cover purchase or query/marketing copy consultation.

Thanks! And thanks to Jason Baca for the awesome stock photos!

One thought on “More research – Romance Title design – traditional or edgy?

  1. arabellathorne says:

    Simple and graphic is always best. Too busy and your eye doesn’t know what to look at first. Think of painting you like or other book covers.

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