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March 6, 2014 by Mod

Indie authors and their cover designers rely on stock photography. And in this business we all need to come to terms with the “cover twin” phenomena.

Consider these quintuplets, all based on one stock image.

But the covers above are successful in their own ways because of the other design elements that make them unique. Color, overlays, and additional imagery all make these covers their own (hoodie) man.

Which speaks to how a professional cover designer can help you get a cover that is unique to you.

Take a look at these covers:

The first one is a little plain and amateur looking, the other two are nice designs though, reflective of the genre and plots of their books.

Now take a look at these three new pre-mades, on sale here today for $69 each:

Recognizable, but hardly so close that someone would think “heeeyyyy…”

While exclusive cover images are available, they can be exorbitantly expensive (usually starting around $300 and going up to several thousand dollars). A good cover designer can take a non-exclusive image and make it uniquely yours.

Please get in touch if any of the above covers appeal to you.


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