Cover Girl – Warrior vs. Waif


May 30, 2014 by Mod

Women grace the covers of many books in all genres. There have been some criticisms of cover girls too. “Too passive” is one I often see, and sometimes even use. But a passive model evokes a certain mood in some books, a mysterious, brooding tone, with the idea that evil and ruination are lurking just beneath the surface. I think these types of covers can work.

Below are a couple of new pre-mades that use this more introspective tone. What do you think?

FSX2 $79

FSX2 $79

fsx-1 copy

One thought on “Cover Girl – Warrior vs. Waif

  1. shegyes says:

    For some reason, I’ve never seen female characters on covers as “too passive”. I’m not certain why, but most covers I’ve seen featuring females tend to look “strong”. These covers are no exception. Great job!

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