Using Other Covers to Inspire You

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August 8, 2015 by Mod

Of course my clients want a unique cover, and I always try, within the constraints of using stock art, to give them that. But that doesn’t mean together we can’t use other covers as a starting point.

I always ask my clients to show me any covers, by any designers, that they particularly like. Sometimes I will use that cover as a starting point and give them an updated or interpreted version of that cover.

Here’s an example:

My client Victoria Hodge writes traditional Regency. No bodice ripping here– these are sweetish romances more geared towards evoking the period accurately and telling a good story than towards steamy scenes. Victoria mentioned Georgette Heyer as an inspiration to her writing and what she was looking for in a cover. Heyer’s cover typically use a public domain painting from the regency period as a starting point. Here’s an example:



While I like these covers, and they certainly suit what both Georgette Heyer and Hodge are doing, I wanted to bring the concept nito the 21st century a bit – make it a bit cleverer with a little whimsy. I wasn’t sure where to start until I saw this gorgeous award winning cover:

Now I knew where I wanted to go with it: a kind of blend of the two concepts. here’s what we came up with:

newdesignedit copy


My client was delighted, and the “tapestry” background enabled us to create an entire series, just by changing the colors.

If you’re looking to get a cover designed, remember to show your designer covers that you like, and don’t be shy about suggesting you ant something similar. Many times they can work with those covers starting points on the way to getting you the cover you love.


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