Biker Chicks 3

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September 6, 2016 by Mod

bikerchicks3-copyBikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behaviour and live life by their own terms – wild and free.

BIKER CHICKS 3 is looking for sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Tell us how they find the sexual satisfaction and romance we all long for.

We’re looking for hot stories of passion and intimacy. They can be vanilla or kinky but please, nothing non-consensual, no incest (that INCLUDES STEPBROTHERS!), no minors and no bestiality. Also anything “toilet” oriented is very likely to be rejected. You know what we’re talking about.

We love romance, so if your pairing can find HEA or HFN we’ll be delighted. But that doesn’t mean a little tragedy or bittersweet longing won’t fit. We just want EMOTION with our sex.

All female oriented relationships are welcome, MF, FF, MFM, FMF, FFF and beyond. At least one member of the relationship needs to be living as a woman, but gender fluidity is welcome.

Your story can be historical, contemporary or futuristic, realistic or paranormal. We welcome any setting and especially encourage authors writing about non-Anglo or non-white cultures to submit.

The editor for BIKER CHICKS 3 is bestselling MC romance author AJ Downey! We hope to publish in Fall 2016. Submission deadline is November 30th, 2016.

Submit your stories to aj(at)ajdowney(dot)com with the subject heading “Biker Chicks”.

Stories between 2000 and 10000 words accepted. DOUBLE SPACE YOUR ENTRY. Submit in .doc format or equivalent, 12 pt font with NO OTHER FORMATTING (similar to when you upload a book to Kindle if you’ve done that). Include your name, pen-name if any, email address, country of residence and your word count. Please edit carefully before submitting and include a one or two sentence summary.

There will be no payment but good karma, experience and publicity – sorry, this is for charity! The charity for this Anthology is Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)! We’ve already raised a big chunk of $$$ for them. Let’s keep it going!

Authors will retain rights to their stories but be asked to not publish elsewhere for six months from publication of the anthology. Previously published stories that author retain rights to are welcome, but please let us know.

As a bonus, selected authors will each get a custom made cover for their story, which they can use when they publish after six months!

Published and unpublished authors are welcome. Authors from under represented groups and/or writing about under-represented characters are especially encouraged to submit.

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