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  1. […] Contact me if you’d like to find out how to make a video like this for YOUR book. […]

  2. Hello,
    Please add me on your newsletter list.

  3. Steve Wallace says:


    I am a first-time never before published author. So I have no idea what you want or need in this message.

    I am looking for an e-book book designer for a series of short stories I have written, about a dozen. The stories are humorous memoir-like stories each between 3500 to 6000 words. Initially, I plan to publish a new story each month for about a year. Then I may consolidate the stories into one e-book/print book of short stories.

    The artwork on each cover should be playful, colorful, and animated. I don’t want photos.

    The titles include, “The Volkswagen-sized Hornets Nest and other Misunderstandings;” “UFO’s, Space Aliens, and Bigfoot;” “Topping the Devil’s Staircase;” and “The Legend of the Draper Homestead Shootout;” among others.

    If it helps in any way, I have found the artwork and style of to offer an idea of the vision I have for the covers.

    Thank you,

    Steve Wallace

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