We love working with diverse authors, authors telling diverse stories, and especially putting  range of culturally, racially and sexually diverse models on books covers. If you love literary diversity as much as we do, please contact us with any book cover needs. You might like to see our Tumblr for some story inspiration.

(note – unless noted, ALL the covers on this site are spec covers with fictional titles and authors. Most licensed stock is provided by http://www.freedigitalphotos.net and 123RF Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos)

6 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. its crazy because some of these books i’ve never heard of, and ive been doing so much to find books featuring diverse covers =D

    • These are mock covers. I made them up as demonstrations. I’m still building this website and need to put that information on every page. The good news is, if any of these appeal to you, you can buy them for your book, customised to your title and name of course!

  2. […] guys might know I’m a big supporter of We Need Diverse Books and especially fond of diverse book covers! But all this enthusiasm shouldn’t be restricted to books for kids and teens, so […]

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